Welcome to the dungeon...this is where I concoct my dark tales, taken from the most ordinary circumstances, and lead them into horrible consequences. You'll find summaries of my work here..

I've been an avid reader all my life, and have finally decided to sit on the other side of the keyboard now. That's the path I'm taking, and I hope you'll walk a little way with me, and listen to a story or two as we go.

Would you care for one now? Ah, I thought you might...

  • G.A. Miller's "Rough Draft"
  • Stories

  • Dinner At Eight. A couple finds a new restaurant to try, and has the most incredible experience ever...until it's time to pay the check.
  • Smile For The Camera. A street photographer upgrades his gear to improve his work, but gets far more behind the lens than he planned.
  • Ancestry. We've all seen the commercials about DNA tests to learn our heritage. Be careful what you ask for.
  • There's An App For That? Always read the fine print before you click on the Agree button.
  • Shower Time. A simple shower leads to a different time, place, and person...but, not the best person to be. (This is now available in Patrick Reuman's anthology, THE EDGE : INFINITE DARKNESS)
  • Ear Wax. Maybe it's better to leave the cleaning to medical professionals, after all. (This is now available in the Year's Best Body Horror Anthology 2017, from Gehenna and Hinnom publishers)
  • Ghost Writer. A part time author finds an antique notebook that completes his ideas for him...but, at what cost?
  • Just A Little Bloob. He tortured her with his vile gas, but when she lost it and struck back, she unwittingly released Hell on Earth...(This will appear in the Trembling With Fear column of the Horror Tree website on 11/5/17)
  • Rough Draft. That person always on your nerves? Write them to death! Just don't look out the window afterwards...(This will be performed on air on the Evil Podcast (evilpodcast.com) on November 20, 2017)
  • Bequeath. Man has long believed that we all have a demon imprisoned deep within us, always kept at bay. But, what if it was released as we dream? (This is now available in the debut issue of Hinnom Magazine from Gehenna & Hinnom publishers)
  • Blind Terror. Trapped in a small space, so dark that sight is useless, trying to find a way out. He is not alone, and whatever is in there with him is not human...
  • Spirit of the Dead. The small, quiet village of Carson's Mill is the setting for ancient horrors spiraling out of control in this Novella length tale...
  • Texting. A conversation, entirely by text messages, between a teen and a dead man.
  • Nightmare. A recurring nightmare plagues him, getting a little closer to him each time he dreams it. (This is now available in the November 15th issue of Horror Bites magazine)
  • Cursed at the Crossroads. A bluesman changes his mind at the Crossroads, choosing to keep his soul, and the Devil is angry...very angry.
  • Trappe's Rest. A wiseguy testifies for the Feds, and heads out to hide. He finds a nondescript place where he fits in better than he'd have dreamed.
  • The Waiting Room. A short peek into an entirely possible future, reminiscent of the old Twilight Zone, with Rod Serling at the helm.
  • Littlebugs. Kelly endured Mike's complaints about tiny bugs harassing him. Turns out, she really should have listened better...
  • Mr. Cook's Visitor. An actor gets exceptional coaching for the role of a lifetime from a highly unlikely source...
  • Scary Dead Things. A nurse checks on a patient who dies of fright in front of her, while muttering "scarydeadthings"
  • Dark Divinity. Had he only taken the money, that would have been bad enough, but what he did was worse, much worse...
  • Tumor. They raced him into the OR, planning to save his life, not realizing they were opening a portal to Hell...
  • Tick...Tick...Tick.... The ticking of the Deathwatch Beetle follows Joe Quinn wherever he goes, and he soon learns why...
  • Publications

    Release Dates

    Story Publication Release
    Bequeath Hinnom Magazine 001 6/30/17
    Ear Wax Year's Best Body Horror 2017 9/30/17
    Shower Time The Edge : Extreme Darkness 8/31/17
    Nightmare Horror Bites Magazine 11/15/17
    Just A Little Bloob Horror Tree Website 11/5/17
    Rough Draft Evil Podcast broadcast 11/20/17

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    Now Available At Amazon!

    Now Available At Amazon!

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    Now Available At Amazon!


    I'm that quiet guy in the back of the room, not saying much, but watching and listening to everything. Instead of simmering in anger, or turning violent, I prefer to engage the "What If?" engine, let my imagination run free, and let my words perform the unspeakable horrors that I've conjured up...

    I've just had most humbling experience, as I was interviewed by C.P. Dunphey, senior editor and founder of Gehenna & Hinnom publishers. The interview is posted at the Gehenna & Hinnom site, and there is a direct link below in the Bio.

    Official Bio

    G.A. Miller is a new voice in the chorus of horror authors, drawing his ideas from every day, commonplace events that take unforeseen turns down dark corridors, often with horrific consequences.

    Born between the original Japanese “Gojira”, and the Americanized “Godzilla, King of the Monsters!”, G.A.’s interest in horror developed early on, nourished by televised movies on “Shock Theater” (Hosted by Zacherley, the “Cool Ghoul”), Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines, old issues of the late, great EC Comics, the British Horror Invasion of great films from Hammer Studios…the list goes on.

    Making a living as a technician, he enjoys stepping away from the digital world, where ones and zeros are absolute, and entering the world of dark imagination, where a single “What If?” can turn normalcy to nightmare in a frenzied heartbeat, and rules of logic do not apply.

    His published tales include:

  • “Bequeath” – Hinnom Magazine 001, Gehenna & Hinnom publishers.
  • "Shower Time" - The Edge: Infinite Darkness, Patrick Reuman publisher.
  • "Ear Wax" - Year's Best Body Horror Anthology 2017 - Gehenna & Hinnom publishers.
  • "Nightmare" - Horror Bites Magazine, November 2017 Issue
  • "Just A Little Bloob" - Horror Tree Website, November 5th, 2017, Trembling With Fear column
  • "Rough Draft" - Evil Podcast Website, November 20th, 2017, November episode
  • G.A. lives where Lovecraft lived, due south of where King lives. Perhaps there’s something in the water in New England? One wonders…


  • Gehenna & Hinnom interview
  • Author Kari Holloway interview

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  • Proud member of the HWA


    (I'd originally posted a short story here titled "Ear Wax", but where that has been accepted to be included in an anthology to be released in September, 2017, I felt it appropriate to remove it and replace it with a sample from an as yet unpublished story instead.)

    Neither Jake nor George had any idea that Stu Siebel was also up very early. He’d been awakened by a noise downstairs in his home, and crept down the stairs softly, a baseball bat in his hand, ready to face his intruder.

    He silently moved to the wall switch, and snapped on the light, gasping aloud, gaping in disbelief.

    His older brother had left out a horror comic book when Stu was very little, and the story he read about the Grim Reaper literally scared the hell out of him, and haunted his nightmares for several years.

    Standing fully seven feet tall, that Reaper now stood in Stu’s living room, red fiery coals burning in the empty eye sockets, a scythe in its bony right hand. Stu smelled the musty aroma of the heavy looking robe it wore.

    He did not feel the bat slipping from his hand or his bladder letting go.

    Nonononono,” he mumbled incoherently, eyes filling up.

    The Bogeyman of Stu’s childhood, the predator of his dreams, seemed to grin as it grabbed the scythe in both skeletal hands and stepped toward him.

    Stu moaned softly as it whipped the scythe around at frightening speed, decapitating him in one swift arc. His head rolled backwards off his neck as his knees gave way, a jet stream of blood spraying wildly from his neck in every direction. His headless body fell heavily to the floor, blood still flowing from the neck, pooling on the hardwood.

    Stu’s head lay behind his body, eyes wide open, seeing nothing.

    The red coals in the Reaper’s empty eye sockets burned even brighter as it surveyed the carnage, its permanent grin somehow wider than before.


    Feel free to shoot me an email, especially if you're interested in reading, and hopefully using, one or more of the stories!

    Also, have a look at the blog now and then, for interesting tidbits about work in progress.

    I've also set myself up on Facebook and Twitter, for those who prefer to follow there.

    I now have an Author page at Goodreads, and also at Amazon

    And lastly, the author page at Gehenna and Hinnom, book publishers

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